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There was no intention to proudly announce the Croatian tourism or whatever. This is just a list of links which we found useful. Foreign tourists may use it as a guide. Some of the sites are commercial and some were created by enthusiastic amateurs. Some provide an on-line booking.

Brief history facts: Croats came at the Adriatic coast in the beginning of 7th century.

Constantine VII Flavius Porphyrogenitus, De Administrando Imperio

(b. September 905, Constantinople [now Istanbul, Tur.]--d. Nov. 9, 959), Byzantine emperor from 913 to 959.

'Croats' in the Slav tongue means 'those who occupy much territory'. These same Croats arrived to claim the protection of the emperor of the Romans Heraclius (610-641) before the Serbs claimed the protection of the same emperor Heraclius, at that time when the Avars had fought and expelled from those parts the Romani whom the emperor Diocletian had brought from Rome and settled there . . .

In baptized Croats are the inhabited cities of Nona, Belgrade, Belitzin, Skordona, Chlebena, Stolpon, Tenin, Kori, Klaboka. Baptized Croatia musters as many as 60 thousand horse and 100 thousand foot, and galleys up to 80 and cutters up to 100. The galleys carry 40 men each, the cutters 20 each and the small cutters 10 each. This great power and multitude of men Croatia possessed until the time of prince Krasimer.

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