Recommended routes in Paklenica


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Table of Contents:

1. Easy routes for beginners:
2. Medium difficulty:
3. Difficult routes:
4. Very difficult routes:
5. Extremely difficult routes:

6. Easier AID  routes:
7. Difficult AID  routes:
8. Extremely difficult AID routes:

...easy routes for beginners:

... medium difficulty:

... difficult routes:

... very difficult routes:

... extremely difficult routes:




... easier routes for AID ROUTES:

Aid routes, although many have been climbed free, those routes are usually aided.

... difficult routes:

... extremely difficult routes:


It is recommended that you buy climbing guide "Paklenica".

By Dubravko Vukmirovic
Scanned by Tamara Dumic.
Special thanks to Boris Cujic.

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