Picture Gallery

Here is some pictures about Paklenica.

Nort and NW face

Entrance of big Paklenica

B. Aleraj and M. Čapelak at the top of Brid Klina after 8 days of climbing

View at rock in Paklenica

Stup Anica kuk - Bears on toast 6c+

W face of the Stup

Anonymous women climber

View at rock in Paklenica near brook

Boris Cujic at Kitajski sindrom 7 a +

Route Hare Krishna 6a +

Sport route: Il maratoneta 8b +

Climber anonymous

Photograph Nevenko Spoljar, Near the great Paklenica

Hrvoje Supic in Achtung Schtainschlag 6c

Photograph: Ivan Golec - photo Anica Kuk

Other pictures:

Canjon - 2 part

Canjon of Paklenica - 3 part

Sity called Starigrad

Climbing on boulder in Paklenica 

On http://diana.zems.fer.hr/~dvukmir/tmp is about100 pictures.

Check also Croatian climber pages

It is recommended that you buy climbing guide "Paklenica".

By Dubravko Vukmirovic
Scanned by Tamara Dumic.
Special thanks to Boris Cujic.

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