Climbing section (club) "Zeljeznicar"

Sport climbing club in Croatia

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PS: AO miens in English climbing section.

About section or club

AO "Zeljeznicar" are establish in 15.02.1950. and from then continuously is active. In year 1969. he was one of the best alpinistic section in ex. Yugoslavia, what is not a little thing if you take Slovenia which is in mountainering top. Members are beside climbing occupied with free climbing, bicycling, paraglading. Climbing school in AO "Zeljeznicar" takes places every autumn in October. Our best members were on several expeditions, including Everest.

Meetings and members

Meetings are every Saturday in Trnjanska 5b street ( behind Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall) at 8:00 PM. On meeting we talk about last excursion, what was climbed and we talk were will we go next weekend. Our club has 30 active members + 20 non active. Everybody is welcome.

Chief of section is Orsat Kratofil,  Dubravko Vukmirovic  takes care about our clubs equipment, and we have also books and magazines.

Familiar members are: Neven Petrovic, Vladimir Mesaric, Kresimir Klasan.

Other informations:

 Also exist free climbing club "Art Rock", but they don't have regular meetings and Web page.

You can also come in gym Sutinska Vrela, in Podsused. We have there boulder rock. Best time is in the evening around 7 or 8 PM because then most climbers climb. Fee for climbing in Sutinska Vrela is 350 Kuna (KN) for one year and you can climb every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Besides these artificial walls climbers have walls at their home, that walls are mostly 3 X 3 m. which are in garages or in rooms like my own. Owners are: Dubravko Vukmirovic, Marko Rozman, Orsat Kratofil, Jan Winkler, Zdravko Cerovac, Robert Verem, Ivo Popovic, Davor Cikovic.