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Well I expect that you now my name, if you don't it is Dubravko Vukmirovic.

Well was born in Zagreb, capital town of Croatia (east Europe) on 1979. I'm aprox. 1.85 meter high, brown hair, brown eyes... 5 years I am climbing in Croatia. My best results for me are route Duh on area Limski kanal, degrease 7 B and I climb Mosoraski route, 350 meter long, degree 5 A for 6 hours climbing in Paklenica. . I was training basketball for 3 years. I like driving mountain bike, bengee jumping, and all sports that erase your adrenaline. You can see also picture of my brother Dusko and cousin Almir, they doesn`t climb. 


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My site take the reward from Croatian on line magazine, site of the week. Site of the week

hmmm....I can't remember what more to write, so I will cut the crap and this is it, who cares anyway :)))

My last words here.....Don't be sad It's only life :)))
Stay cool...and enjoy....


By Dubravko Vukmirovic at SRCE - Computer center of university, Zagreb