Climbers from Croatia are
in deep shit.

Well, my opinion is in the title. Why, you ask?

A long, long time Croatia starts with championships in the same time as Slovenia, France, Italy but who has ever heard for sport climbers from Croatia. I think that the guilty ones are head chiefs who sit in their chairs. They didn't give us any money (for representatives on world championships, for climbing halls, acc.).

Today Zagreb, the capital town of Croatia with over one million people doesn't have a climbing hall.

For example, in Kranj 97 on world cup in free climbing we signed our best man: Marko Rozman along with second man Tomislav Habulin and third Filip Sobot.

Croatian climbing association agree that Marko could go, but tahy said that Tomislav and Filip couldn't go to the competitions. The reason was: if we are the worst, then only Marko can be the worst, not all three climbers. In my opinion, that was stupid thing to do. First, our climbers don't have experience for big, like European and World, competitions. For that all shit Ivica Palosek is guilty.He agreed at first that they could go, and later he sent fax to Tomo Cesen and told him that Tomislav and Filip mustn't climb. But Tomo Cesen was fair and told them that they could climb, when they came to competition. For them, that was the first big competition. Marko was 135. of 140, Filip was 139, and Tomislav 140. with another climber. Isn't that said or what? And that wasn't enough.

Now Ivica Palosek wants to suspend all three climbers for one year on Croatian and worlds competitions. I hate those people on the top.

27. 02. Commision for sport climbing in Croatia disaided to give all three just warning. Thatr was nice.

They make new problem. Now they tall that every climber who want to climb on comppetitions must be in club, not in section, he must finished sport climbing school NOW. Remember that we were in war, so some best climbers in Croatia didnt finished climbing school.

By free climber -Dubravko Vukmirovic

Send me mail and tall me what you think about that problem.